Booth Crowned 3 x Aussie Marathon Champion

Booth Crowned 3 x Aussie Marathon Champion

Michael Booth was crowned Aussie Marathon Champion for the third consecutive year on Tuesday afternoon with epic 18-20 knot southerly conditions treating the competitors to a prodigious downwind battle.

The Tech Race was run on the Monday afternoon where the course presented not only a highly competitive field, but 20 knots of cross wind and 2-3ft swell, making it a challenging race from start to finish.

Whilst Boothy spent majority of the race in the top three, swapping leads with Lincoln Dews and James Casey – the finish just couldn’t come quick enough after missing a few waves and quickly going from first to fourth and not able to return to the lead.

“It was one of those days where your race can change very quickly if you don’t pick the right line coming in and out of the break.



Whilst Michael Booth is these days profoundly recognised for his outstanding SUP racing skills, he enjoys returning to the roots of where his career first begun – on a surf ski.

That being said, last weekend Boothy did just that, taking out the win in a local ski race of 20km in his hometown of Perth, Western Australia.

Booth expressed that it felt “awesome to get back on the ski” after an extended period of time had passed since his last ski podium finish.

Booth was expecting to race in San Francisco in the Red Bull Heavy Water Event last week, however the limited swell restricted the competition from taking place.

“It was a shame to have not seen the Heavy Water take place again this year, although the competition is prestigiously known for its monstrous swell and without that component it really wouldn’t have lived up to its name”.

Booth prepares for back-end of the year

Booth prepares for back-end of the year

Michael Booth took out the win last weekend in the SUP WA 20km marathon event held at Ascot kayak Club on the Swan River, Perth.

The SUP central flat-water event is known as one of the best foundation races for paddlers to compete in prior to King of the Cut held in early December. 

Whilst Booth is at present in the stage of patiently awaiting the call up to compete in the Red Bull Heavy Water Event in San Francisco, Michael said, there has been no time to put other training on hold approaching a busy end to the season. 

“While Heavy Water is my focus and will be my next challenge, it has been important to keep my endurance and distance training up to speed for other events I have coming up towards the back-end of the year”. 

Pacific Paddle Games – USA

Pacific Paddle Games – USA

Michael Booth finished 4th overall in the Pacific Paddle Games last week which tests athletes endurance and technical skills over the two day event.

Known as the Super bowl of SUP Racing, the PPG competition brings together the world’s best paddlers to compete for victory in the prestigious race, this year seeing over 400 competitors across the elite and amateur divisions battle it out.

“The competition was really tough, and although I didn’t have my best races, I know I couldn’t have done any more on the day,” said Booth.

Booth Triumphs in Battle of The Bay

Booth Triumphs in Battle of The Bay

Michael Booth took out the win in last weekend’s Battle of the Bay held in San Francisco.

A seven-mile race in picturesque San Francisco saw Michael back in his best form, determined and ready to take out the win. 

“I was really excited about Battle of the Bay, it’s such a great race to be involved in and I absolutely love racing in San Francisco!” 

Starting in Ghirardelli Square and racing around the Golden Gate Bridge, this SUP race really is one of the special events on the world stage.. 

APP NEW YORK:  “You win or you learn”

APP NEW YORK: “You win or you learn”

Whilst it may not have been the renowned results that Michael Booth had hoped for in the second stop of the APP World Tour, Booth says he will walk away having sure learnt a lot.

Prior to the race held in New York, Michael had travelled for two days and in over 12 different time zones. Hoping that he might have planned his stopovers and time differences well, however later realising he probably pushed his limits.

“Coming into the weekend, I knew it was going to be a tough one. I had been working on clinics in Dubai and Annapolis and whilst this was a great experience, I probably shouldn’t have expected to race my best off the back of these,” Booth said.

The APP World Tour presented an opportunity like no other this year, giving SUP Paddlers from all across the globe the opportunity to race in one of the world’s most iconic landmarks making it a showcase event that attracted a large crowd of both competitors and spectators.

Booth to Uphold Momentum: APP World Tour – NYC

Booth to Uphold Momentum: APP World Tour – NYC

Australian Michael Booth will race in New York City this weekend for stop #2 of the APP World Tour. 

Taking on the best SUP athletes from across the globe and showcasing their talents in one of the most iconic cities in the world. This years APP World Tour is proving to be one of the best yet, with the next race being a 10km paddle starting from North Cove Yacht Harbour on the Hudson River on Saturday the 15th September.

With focus shifting on the USA leg of the year, Booth says he is feeling confident and headstrong heading into this weekends challenge. 

“I am really excited to be racing along the Hudson and around the Statue of Liberty in NYC. It’s such an iconic City and I really do feel so privileged to paddle here!”

Michael Booth Becomes Ocean Heroes Ambassador

Michael Booth Becomes Ocean Heroes Ambassador

Michael Booth is pleased to announce that he is now the newest ambassador for Ocean Heroes Australia, a charity that is giving people with all ages with Autism the opportunity to experience the thrill of the ocean.

With 164,000 people across Australia diagnosed with autism, Ocean Heroes aims to deliver a service like no other.

Ocean Heroes was first discovered in 2017 in Perth and at present has given 1500 people suffering with the disorder the opportunity to “feel alive” through surfing waves in Western Australia alone.

With the hope of expanding to the East Coast and run events throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, Ocean Heroes aims to see their organisation take off and continue to be supported, as it becomes better known across the nation.

Boothy wins Hong Kong International!

Boothy wins Hong Kong International!

Michael Booth took out the win last weekend in the Hong Kong International SUP race, taking place in Sai Kung, just outside of Hong Kong City.

The 18km race was a three-lap flat water grind with Boothy and Kenny Keneko battling it out for mass of the race.

“Kenny and I fought hard against one another for the first lap and then I managed to get a little break on the second lap and used it to my advantage which made all the difference in the end,” said Booth.

Familiar with the conditions and aiming for a back-to-back title, Booth was stoked to take out a second win in the HK International, giving him confidence heading into the ISA later in the year which is being held in China in very similar racing conditions.

Booth takes on Humid Hong Kong

Booth takes on Humid Hong Kong

Michael Booth will return to race again this weekend in the Hong Kong International SUP Race held on Sunday 19th August.

After a highly successful Euro Tour Championship Title finish for Booth, it was in the best interest of his family and himself to take some well-needed time off last month whilst his father recovered from open-heart surgery.

Booth withdrew from the Molokai to Oahu World Championship held in Hawaii in July, making the tough decision to cancel his flights just a few weeks prior to race day.

“It was a challenging month or so seeing my dad un-well and it didn’t sit well with me to not be close to my family during that difficult time,” said Booth.

Now returning to race the end of the season in a focussed and ambitious state of mind, Michael aims to head into the Hong Kong International this weekend and achieve a great result, revamping his confidence and skills before leading into the major races that will be held across America over the next few months.

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