Booth Battling the Bay for a Consecutive Win

BOOTH Training’s Thursday Tip – The beach start

Hey Team, 

The tip for today is about generating power in your stroke. 

The power phase of the stroke is the part of the stroke where you’re generating the highest transfer of energy. For me, and the technique I teach, this is at the front of the stroke. When setting up, make sure you sink the paddle into the water first before pulling back. Once the blade has sunk into the water engage through the lats to generate the power in the stroke. It is also important that you understand the concept that you’re pulling past that point in the water and not through the water. This motion needs to be does quickly and efficiently and there is no need to drag the blade through the stroke. 

An ideal stroke set up to generate power:
1. Set up
2. Power phase
3. Release
4. Recovery 

When we generate power it doesn’t mean slapping the water or scraping the surface. It is all around engaging the right muscle groups at the right time to transfer power from your body motion to your board speed. If you do this right you will generate better planning speed and get better results. 

Try it out when you’re paddling next or get in contact with me to do some video analysis to help take your paddling to the next level. 

Share your progress on social media and be sure to tag us. 

Happy paddling,

Booth Battling the Bay for a Consecutive Win
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