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Over the last five years 100s of individuals have been using my BOOTH Training programs to suceed in paddle sports. I have coached athletes from all over the world to World Championship podiums, winning their local events and smashing their personal bests. I help people on and off the water to become the best they can be and now it your turn. In all my training plans I use my 15 years of training and racing experience to help you achieve your own paddling goals. I’ve been at the elite level  in SUP, Ocean Ski and many other paddlesports. I’ve coached myself to become Australian, European and World SUP Champion and represented my country in 4 sports.

I know how to achieve success and will design a program that is right just for you. I have you covered for your on and off water workouts! My plans don’t become stale and you will see how much better you can be. I work with you to make your program suit your life and not the other way around. These personalised programs are designed around specific training principles I’ve designed and I will motivate you to take your paddling to the next level!

BOOTH Training also offers an all access subsciption to training plans designed and run by me. I have designed easy to follow plans based around events and your season no matter where you are. These plans factor in your ability level and allow you to target your training depending on what season you are in. It includes all your strength and training plans for the upcoming big events in your region. In all my plans you are joining the BOOTH Training community to discuss training, events and the like. You will have exclusive access to videos with me and online tips and tricks use to make myself a better paddler (coming soon).

I’m here to you become, fitter stronger and a healthier paddler. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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How long does it take to receive my program?

I will always endeavour to have you set up and ready to go in maximum 72hours

30minute Free consultation for all programs?

Please contact michael on whatsapp +61432566649 or email to arrange a time to chat

How do I receive my program?

Via an online training application called FinalSurge that helps Michael monitor your training as it links to your Garmin and Strava accounts. It is put out each Sunday once I go through your previous training week monitoring your statistics to better plan your next week.

Is this a subscription based service?

Yes all training plans are subscription based

Is there a minimum sign up?

Yes I have a minimum sign up of three months to allow me to get to know the athlete and formulate an effective plan to achieve our goals.

How do I pay?

Payments are made via the form below via credit card which is secured via SSL 128bit encryption. All payments and recurring payments are processed by Stripe.

How do I take advantage of your yearly discounts

For yearly subscribers I offer a 10% discount for the 12 monthly payments. If you would like to pay upfront for a full year I can offer a 20% discount. Contact me on WhatsApp on +61432566649 or email to arrange payment.

Do you design training programs for paddling groups?

Yes please see Groups Plans tab for more information and we can design something to suit your groups needs!

There are too many options how do I choose?

Think about what you want to achieve and which program will suit your needs best. If that doesn’t help please contact me via email and I can point you in the right direction!

Does the training include off water activities
Yes, off season training, strength work in the gym and cross training are a few of my specialties.

BOOTH Training provides online fitness programming, workshops, and advice for water sports athletes. The information available on this website and through our programs, services, and products is meant to be educational and informative in nature. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.

BOOTH Training does not warranty or guarantee any specific results from using our programs, services, or products. Results may vary depending on the individual and adherence to our program.

By participating in BOOTH Training’s programs, services, and/or using our products, you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk. BOOTH Training is not responsible or liable for any injury or harm you may sustain as a result of our programs, services, or products.

You should always consult your physician before starting any exercise program, especially if you are involved in water sports. If you experience any pain or difficulty with any exercises, stop and consult your healthcare provider. Additionally, you should follow all safety guidelines and regulations for the specific water sport you are participating in.

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