Technique Analysis

As we all know training is truly beneficial when we have a correct and efficient stroke to go with it. Sometimes to refine our technique we need to seek help and that’s what I’m here to do!

In 2016 when I started taking the sport seriously, I redefined the SUP technique based on my knowledge from the previous sports I had competed in including Ocean Ski, Kayak and Surf Life Saving. The technique at the time was all about shifting the hips, rotating and sweeping the water and this just didn’t seem right to me. I ended up creating a stroke that focused more on the catch, driving down, accelerating through the stroke and releasing early at the feet. I leverage my body weight, keep my feet planted and use a simple pumping motion with the legs to help generate power in the stroke. I paddle the way I teach and it has helped many athletes including myself achieve many event wins around the world.

I call it the BOOTH method and now it’s your turn to increase your enjoyment on the water, get faster, and paddle more efficiently.

To achieve your acceleration in paddle technique I ask you to send three videos of from the front, back and side showing both your left and right strokes. I then break it down with you on a video call where we walk through your technique and help you understand what you are doing wrong. This also allows you to ask questions as I’m teaching and allows you to get that true personalised experience.

If we can’t set this up you can send through the video and we can work on the options below.


How do I send my Video?

Once you sign up I will email a link to upload to

How do I receive my analysis?

I will upload to the cloud and will send a link you can download from

How do I set up a call

Once you sign up I will be in contact with you to set up a time 

How do I pay?

Payments are made via the form below via credit card which is secured via SSL 128bit encryption. All payments and recurring payments are processed by Stripe.

What should my videos be?
  1. Record yourself paddling from front/back and side views.
  2. Each video should be less than ten seconds
  3. Can do videos sprinting and at long distance pace

Choose your Analysis Package

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