PARIS SUP OPEN: Michael Booth Wins on Seine River

PARIS SUP OPEN: Michael Booth Wins on Seine River

From an apprehensive start to a Champion Title finish, Michael Booth has certainly earned the respect of his fellow competitors following last weekend’s race results in the Paris Sein River Paddle. 

With just two nights back home in Perth, Western Australia after winning the ISA World Distance Title in China, Michael was quick to board a plane to Paris, France where he would face very different circumstances. Landing in freezing cold weather; crisp air, high wind and an extremely vast contrast to the hot and humid weather he had just come from. 

Michael tested his body and his perseverance, pushing his comfort zone to a whole new level as he braved the change of climate and focussed on the race that laid ahead. 

“China was extremely hot, humid and dehydrating last week and to then come to Paris and face freezing weather and be wearing thermals and beanie’s was definitely a bit of a shock to the body,” he said.

PARIS SUP OPEN: APP World Tour Showdown

PARIS SUP OPEN: APP World Tour Showdown

The Paris Open is known as the largest SUP race world-wide and will take place this weekend as the final stop of the APP World Tour.

Australian paddler Michael Booth will test his comfort zone as he takes on foreign cold weather conditions in Paris. Booth is currently chasing the APP World Tour lead of Frenchman Arthur Arutkin, sitting in second place with Connor Baxter close behind him in third. 

“This weekend is going to challenge me to a whole new level,” he said.

The format of the final leg of the APP World Tour will be a combination of man-on-man sprint races in the pool at the Paris Boat Show on Saturday. It will then be followed by a 14km distance paddle in the early morning on Sunday on the river seine with cold temperatures and strong winds predicted.

Booth says, “I would need to do something spectacular to win the overall tour, but I’m not feeling any pressure and I’m just going out there to have fun and race hard!”

Booth Claims World Distance Title

Booth Claims World Distance Title

Michael Booth took out his 2nd Distance Title yesterday in the ISA World Championships held in Wanning, China.

Despite not having the ‘ideal’ race preparation on his side, Booth was determined to make a good impression over in China and he certainly did not disappoint.

Booth said he felt better than ever, both mentally and physically and knew he had a job to do, one which he wasn’t going to do half hearted!

“From the first stroke I knew I felt strong. I felt like I had regained my form and if I was to do everything right, I had a great chance and a great opportunity to win”.

Booth Takes 5th in Doctor Challenge

Booth Takes 5th in Doctor Challenge

Michael Booth finished 5th last weekend in the Shaw and Partners Doctor race held in Perth, Western Australia, finishing just 90 seconds off the win.

With a 27km flat-water grind presenting itself early on in the race, Booth expressed it was tough early on to hold a consistent, strong pace, as there was little help from the conditions.

“It was certainly tough for the first 15km with little to no assistance, but as the race went on a 10-12 knot South-Wester blew through which made it a little easier at the tail end of the race”, he said.

Booth hit the lead early on, however towards the end felt he was really hanging on, finishing in 5th place, closely behind the leading pack and 90 seconds behind winner; Cory Hill.

“I really surprised myself after having not competed much on the ski in the last few years, to have been able to keep up with the leading guys in the sport and come away with a fairly good result, I’m really stoked!”

Booth Crowned 3 x Aussie Marathon Champion

Booth Crowned 3 x Aussie Marathon Champion

Michael Booth was crowned Aussie Marathon Champion for the third consecutive year on Tuesday afternoon with epic 18-20 knot southerly conditions treating the competitors to a prodigious downwind battle.

The Tech Race was run on the Monday afternoon where the course presented not only a highly competitive field, but 20 knots of cross wind and 2-3ft swell, making it a challenging race from start to finish.

Whilst Boothy spent majority of the race in the top three, swapping leads with Lincoln Dews and James Casey – the finish just couldn’t come quick enough after missing a few waves and quickly going from first to fourth and not able to return to the lead.

“It was one of those days where your race can change very quickly if you don’t pick the right line coming in and out of the break.



Whilst Michael Booth is these days profoundly recognised for his outstanding SUP racing skills, he enjoys returning to the roots of where his career first begun – on a surf ski.

That being said, last weekend Boothy did just that, taking out the win in a local ski race of 20km in his hometown of Perth, Western Australia.

Booth expressed that it felt “awesome to get back on the ski” after an extended period of time had passed since his last ski podium finish.

Booth was expecting to race in San Francisco in the Red Bull Heavy Water Event last week, however the limited swell restricted the competition from taking place.

“It was a shame to have not seen the Heavy Water take place again this year, although the competition is prestigiously known for its monstrous swell and without that component it really wouldn’t have lived up to its name”.

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