Booth Battling the Bay for a Consecutive Win

How to organise your family lifestyle around your passion for watersports? ⁠

​1. Hey Charlotte can you introduce yourself and let us know how you became a Stand Up Paddle athlete?

Hey there, I’m Charlotte NZ born and bred. Currently living in Singapore for the past 7.5yrs with my Husband and 15yr old Daughter. So back in 2012 SUP in NZ was really taking off with the likes of Annabel Anderson becoming an international star and SUP racing happening most weekends over the summertime we happened to watch the NZ SUP Champs and where like what is this crazy new sport. Both my husband and I were already competing in other sports Tri, MTB, Ocean swimming etc but were super keen to try this new sport that could take us out on to the ocean which we loved. So, by the end of that first summer the SUP addiction was born.

2. How do you organize your life around your passion with your family?

Our family has always been a busy organized one as we all have our sports and passions. Even back when my daughter was first born, I had set goals to get back running etc and even competed in a local MTB race when she was 6wks old. We have always worked a tight schedule where we all support each other, and everyone can get their daily training in. It still is a bit of a juggle but more so when my daughter was small and we both worked. Same as now its early wake ups for the first session and back when I was working second session would be at night or after school. In NZ my friends and I would do rotating afterschool care of each other’s kids which was a fantastic help to get an afterschool one in. Now my daughter is older yes, we get more freedom during the week. But to get a paddle or run date is pretty special and not often. Just this last year now our daughter is a bit older we have been doing a few runs/ gyms and paddles as a family which is fantastic.

3. How long have you been training with Booth Training? And how have you enjoyed working with Michael.

I took up Boothy Training around 4 yrs. ago and haven’t looked back. It’s tough here as there aren’t the big SUP groups like in NZ and AUD so 99% of my training is on my own. So, with no one to push me but myself and Boothy Training I know my program is working on race day when I achieve a great result if not a podium for myself and having the conference every race start that I’m prepared and will finish strong. Definitely had my biggest SUP and OC1 race gains these past few years with Boothy. You have to trust the process.

4. What is it like in Singapore during COVID? What advice would you give to paddlers to improve their paddling skills during this period. Does every workout need to be on the water to get better?

Singapore and COVID-19 Lockdown. 3 months no paddling!!! So as a family we made a plan. We set up a home gym which has been the best long run dissension. We hired a Ski Erg plus we were still able to run and ride outside. So, the training didn’t stop. I set goals and stuck to Boothys on water program with the Ski erg, which yes the erg is boring but if you set goals ‘and I did set some big ones’ with some good music and imagination you get through. Best erg 20km!! The greatest thing over this time is we were all able to work out together as a family. So, advice for paddlers that encounter further lockdowns and restrictions… Get a wind trainer or higher a ski erg or rower, treadmill and basic weights. Keep going be creative. Plus, Boothy has some pretty tough at home full body Hit workouts that will keep those mussels working.

5. What is your next big challenge?

Next big challenge, well to be honest there is nothing on the radar. With COVID-19 there are no events taking place here and no travel. So, it’s all about having fun. Enjoying being motivated with Boothy training and trying to nail this Wing Foil biz!

Booth Battling the Bay for a Consecutive Win
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