This BOOTHCAST is with SUP Industry legend Dave Boehne and is brought to you by the BOOTH Training X Vaikobi collaboration and our partners TotalSUP

Dave Boehne is a surfer, SUP surfer, foiler, waterman and the owner of Infinity. He grew up in the surf industry with his dad helping create the Infinity surf brand in southern California in the 1970s. He has featured in and helped produce SUP surfing movies like H2indo, H2mexico, Chasing Gold, Conversessions and P1RATE5. He’s seen the explosion of SUP from the early years in the late 2000s and talks about how things have changed over time. We chat about his love for the ocean, being a pro surfer, shaping & how he designs boards, competing in surfing, getting into the race scene in SUP, how he loves to surf, commentating, how he got the nickname ‘The Brown Blur’, working in the marketing industry, being an ambassador from Opera Winfrey Network, helping athletes achieve their goals and a heap more! Thanks mate for your time!


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