Training By Boothy


Michael is sharing his 15 years of training and racing experience to help you achieve your own paddling goals. With the experience of training himself to become Australian, European and World SUP Champion, he knows a thing or two about achieving success and will design a program that is right just for you. These personalised programs are designed around specific training principles and will motivate you to take your paddling to the next level!

The personalised programs are not generic in anyway and Michael works around you to create the plan that is right for you. It covers your on water training as well as off water cross training to help you become, fitter stronger and a healthier paddler. This can include things like ocean ski paddling, kayaking, swimming, running, indoor rowers, gym programs and anything else you may desire to do! He factors in your work schedule, how much you travel, your realistic time on water and what your goals are whether it be a race, a time or just overall fitness. Michael is always ready for a challenge and is happy to help in any other way he can.


How long does it take to receive my program?
Can be up to 2 weeks due to Michaels busy schedule.
How do I receive my program?
Via an online training application that helps Michael monitor your training as it links to your Garmin and Strava accounts. It is put out each Sunday once he goes through your previous training week monitoring your statistics to better plan your next week.
Do you design training programs for paddling groups?
Yes please contact Michael directly and we can design something to suit your groups needs!
How do I pay?
Either via Paypay or direct transfer


These forms are designed to help me better understand the paddler you are. It gives me an insight into your day-to-day life and helps us to get the best out of your training. See the questions below and be as detailed as possible! Looking forward to helping you achieve your goals.

If you are already a student and are just renewing, please select the ‘Private Coaching Renewal’ button.

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