Malmö Clinics

I am excited to be doing a clinic in Malmö on the 2nd of September 2022! Please book below to reserve your place. If you would like a private outside these times please enquire with me to see if I can accommodate you.

Contact information:

Location: Sibbarpsstrand 216 11 Malmö

Local contact:


Clinic information:

2nd September Half Day Clinic 1200-1700

Confirmed: Synne Aenes Vedeler, Anne Sæthre, Erik Leijonhufvud

Can be purchased separately as:

2nd September Extended Forward Stroke Technique Clinic 12-230pm (130€)

2nd September Extended Skills & Race Clinic 230-5pm (130€)

The extended clinics are an extension of the 2 hour clinics giving more time for participants to get quality time with me, get each of their strokes broken down more effectively and allows more time for back and forth conversations. This allows athletes to understand better what they need to do to improve and gives me the time to explain this in a way that will work for you. 


*if  you would like to do a private please get in contact with me

*6 people minimum

* Must have own board and paddle




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