Loosdrecht Clinics

I am excited to be doing clinics in Loosdrecht, Netherlands at ikSUP on the 6th and 7th of July! Please book below to reserve your place. If you would like a private outside these times please enquire with me to see if I can accommodate you.

Clinic Location: Oud- Loosdrechtsedijk 237 huisje 1A, 1231 LX Loosdrecht, The Netherlands

To sign up please fill out form below with details of which clinic you would like to sign up to in ‘Clinic Location’

Contact information: Local contact: training@iksuploosdrecht.nl

Michael: michael@michael-booth.com.au


Wednesday 6th July Private Clinic 315-415pm (SOLD OUT) – Gunther

Wednesday 6th July Private Clinic 445-545pm (SOLD OUT) – Proost

Wednesday 6th July Private Clinic 6-7pm (SOLD OUT) – Fokker

Wednesday 6th July Forward Stroke Clinic 730-930pm (SOLD OUT)

– Isabella Diederich, Elizabeth van Olphen, Esmee Massiel Kroes, Muriel Baron, Myrte Derks, Anouk de Veer, Margriet Koeman, Yvonne Lekkerkerker, Norbert Pfaender, Anne-Cristin Swertz, Marco Fokker, Jeroen Fokker

Thursday 7th July Private Clinic 10am-12pm (SOLD OUT) – Sanders

Thursday 7th July Private Clinic 1230pm-230pm (SOLD OUT) – Wichgers

Thursday 7th July Private Clinic 6pm-7pm (SOLD OUT) – Michel

Thursday 7th July Skills Clinic 730-930pm (1 Available)

– Priscilla de Boer, Femke van Rees, Myrte Derks, Anouk de Veer, Margriet Koeman, Minke Schoffelmeer, Jordy Wichgers, Norbert Pfaender, Ghislaine Cordier, Marco van Loo, FInn Marteijn, 

Finn Marteijn 


  • Minimum 6 people to begin a group clinic
  • No refunds but you can on-sell your place

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