Foerdekeks Clinics

I am excited to be doing clinics in  Eckernförde, Germany at Foerdekeks on the 4th and 5th of July! Please book below to reserve your place. If you would like a private outside these times please enquire with me to see if I can accommodate you.

Clinic Location: Foerdekeks SUP, Bergstraße 8a, 24340 Eckernförde

To sign up please fill out form below with details of which clinic you would like to sign up to in ‘Clinic Location’

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Monday 4th July Forward Stroke Clinic: 5-7pm

  • Olaf Apenburg

Monday 4th July Skills Clinic 730-930pm

  • Kathy Rüsbüldt

Tuesday 5th July Half Day Clinic 3-9pm

  • Peter Monte
  • Ole Halley

  • Susan Meng-Sommerfeld 



  • Minimum 6 people to begin a group clinic
  • No refunds but you can on-sell your place
  • For private please book and specify time

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